“Flexibility is at the core of everything we do at Charter Oak Field Services. Whether your project requires programming, hosting, or only recruiting we can assist you.  While we major in recruitment for quantitative studies and qualitative telephone depth interviews, we are also able to offer full project management services.  Do you want to discuss feasibility, methodology, timing or pricing?  We work with you every step of the way so you know what to expect from the moment we receive your survey questionnaire through survey launch and final data file delivery.”





Feasibility Assessment:

Many of our clients know their market very well.  However, many do not understand how to determine the feasibility of obtaining sample in a particular specialty within a specific therapy area or market segment.  We will review your screening criteria and survey document and offer our expert opinion regarding what is feasible from both a sample size perspective as well as a suitable methodology for your project.  Although we specialize in online quantitative survey delivery, we also often recommend Telephone Depth Interviews (TDI’s), Focus Groups, or In-Person Depth Interviews (IDI’s).



We have programming capabilities in Confirmit, Qualtrics, Sawtooth and Survey Analytics.  We often program surveys in house but will occasionally partner with local vendors that specialize in a particular module, logic structure or unique functionality.  We work closely with our clients in the programming phase.  We provide a rigorous test philosophy including iterative link testing with our client to ensure that the survey that is fielded accurate and appealing to the respondent.



We host your survey on our platform and monitor how many of our panelist respond to our invitation to participate in your research.  We share a real time link with you so you are always up to date regarding the status of your project.  Hosting the survey allows us much more control over re-contacting respondents who may have terminated due to browser incompatibility or other technical issues.



Our multiple and targeted panels consist of over 500,000 U.S. Physicians, Nurses, Payer’s and other allied healthcare professionals.  In addition to physicians in a Practice you need access to other professionals involved in the practice.  We offer access to Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Office Managers.  In the hospital setting we have C-Level Titles, Purchase Decision Makers, Lab Directors, ER Physicians and many more titles that are not as mainstream.  Our main recruiting methodology is email and we continue to have great success with this approach.  In some cases we will use fax or phone recruiting if the need arises.  Our experienced project managers are committed to obtaining your requested sample and will work with you throughout the project to keep you will informed of our progress.




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